Dibi Milano The Gold Youth Cream

It caresses your face, offering immediate comfort and softness. “Hyper-care” enriched with Pure Gold particles that reflect the light on your skin for a radiant complexion.

Size: 45ml



To reduce and fight the onset of the signs of ageing, for denser, supple, perfected skin that radiates youth. Comes with a luxurious spatula for a smoothing face, neck and decolleté massage.

-A complex consisting of Gold and Peptide 9. Gold performs the role of carrier, carrying Peptide 9 to the deeper-most layers of the skin, keeping it stable and bioavailable and optimising bio-distribution. The complex acts on the synthesis of collagen and proteoglycans, making the tissue more compact and turgid. It has regenerating properties because it acts on different types of collagen, making the tissue thicker and re-densifying it.

-Gold (Au) is a chemical element with atomic number 79. In its natural state it exists in the form of nuggets, grains and scales found in rocks and alluvial deposits. Its use in cosmetics is connected to new technologies, increasingly cutting edge, that make it possible to use and treat Gold, so precious for our skin thanks to its nature and properties. A ductile and malleable metal that can be processed into very fine sheets which, when applied to the skin, enrich it, illuminating it.

-Stimulating action on coenzyme Q10 production. Its anti-oxidant action offers protection and repairs skin cells.

-Nourishing and emollient properties.

Active Ingredients:


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