Dibi Milano Filler Code Absolute Filling Treatment



7X 2ml

Liquid serum in single-dose vials, with filling and no-age action.

End Benefit

More compact skin and a visibly smoother face.

Rich in Peptide 5, a renowned active ingredient that acts on the visibility of wrinkles and on the overall firmness and smoothness of the face. Thanks to the extremely fluid texture with “instant” effect and the high dose of functional substances, it works quickly and effectively. Fragrance-free.

Detailed Description
-It increases skin tone and elasticity preserving the catalase enzyme, known for its anti-oxidant properties.
-Toning and anti-wrinkle action that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.
-It preserves the collagen fibres against degradation and stimulates new production.
-Anti-oxidant action against free radicals.

Active Ingredients

With the vial-opener, break the cap where it is marked by the ring. Apply to face, eye contour and lips, neck and decolleté, morning and/or evening, before your usual cream.

Store out of the reach of children. Cosmetic product. Exclusively for external use. Do not inject or ingest. Apply only to the skin, according to the instructions on the label. Store in the original container. Handle with care.


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